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Harry James Potter


I don't know where Jen is right now. She's probably been too busy, too tired, or just forgot about us. :/ In any case, I'd like to keep this RP going. I understand that school is an issue for most, but I really don't want to see this RP die. Anyways, I sifted around the community a bit, and found that these plot things are still in order:

-The Dark Mark is showing up randomly around Hogwarts.
-Neville is getting threatening letters.
-The teachers all seem worried, no one knows why.
-There was also an Order plotline that a few people were trying to sort out. I didn't read the thread, but I think it's worth a revisit.
-Junior Death Eaters! I know you're there. :P

As far as Ron goes, Jen might have received an application already but hasn't answered it [if she's too busy]. I haven't tried contacting Jen yet, but if this continues I think someone may have to. :S

Harry and Lupin so far are the only ones who have updated as of late [I wouldn't have if Lupin didn't, so props to you :D]. It would be really super awesome cool if other people could update as well, and maybe we could discuss some plot things to carry out..

I'm unable to contact Jen as I type this [I have some homework], so if someone else could poke or prod her or something, that would be really really great.

EDIT: Jen's been busy with school [as I expected, just like the rest of us] but I think a meeting is in order. Christmas break is just around the corner [for everyone, I hope] so that's definitely a prime time to have a meeting and discuss this RPG. I'd appreciate it also if you'd check in by either commenting to this post or emailing me [ladysubaru@comcast.net] just so we get a head count of who's still around. ^_^

Again, it would be really nice if you could post entries. I'm not forcing you to, honestly, we're ALL busy with school and family and maybe some personal issues and whatnot, but if you have the time, please post, even if it's fairly short. Only the players can keep the game alive. :D
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