Pansy Parkinson (prissy__pansy) wrote in riddikulus_ooc,
Pansy Parkinson

Just so you know...

I have decided to come back to the RPG. I just started high school this year and I didn't realize how hectic Freshman year would be. But, now that I'm futher into the year things are starting to be less hectic (most days anyways) I'm finding time for the RPG again. I'm pretty caught up on what has been happening (such as the Pansy/Draco break-up). I won't be coming back as Susan though, I just don't have enough time to be two characters. Anyways, it's nice to be back, I just couldn't stay away.

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YEAH! Welcome back!
Yay! You're back! And uh... sorry about the whole Pansy/Draco breaking up JUST before you came back... I wasn't expecting you back. Oh well, this means that you can hate me forever now, and our rivalry is now completely embittered. Woo!
You did a kick-ass Pansy. XD I'm glad you're back!
Yay! Welcome back to the RPG! ^_^ I'm glad you came back.